Melbourne is known for its unpredictable weather – but you can leave your brolly at home for this shower.

Rain Room, the monumental immersive artwork by Random International, has made its Southern Hemisphere debut in Melbourne, at the purpose-built Jackalope Pavilion in St Kilda.

The experiential work merges technology with art to create a truly captivating experience that allows you to walk through pouring rain without getting wet.


As you move through the 100-square-metre field of indoor precipitationl, motion-detecting cameras alert the rain to stop falling.

It’s a surreal, almost meditative experience – though you’re immersed in the rain and can hear its gentle patter, not a drop of it touches your skin.

The room is illuminated by a single spotlight, which in turn turns every droplet a very bright white, contrasting against the stark black walls. You're encouraged to move freely through the space during the 20 minutes you’re inside, in turn becoming a part of the work.


The piece has delighted more than half a million art lovers at exhibits around the world since 2012, including during seasons at The Barbican in London, MoMA in New York and the LACMA in Los Angeles.

The installation, which used 2500 litres of self-cleaning, recycled water, was brought to Australia via a joint partnership between the Jackalope Art Collection and the Australian Centre of Moving Images, with the exhibition space specially designed by Melbourne architects March Studio.

Haven’t managed to nab tickets yet? Never fear: the limited Melbourne season has been extended due to overwhelming demand. New tickets go on sale Friday 16 August.

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