This crowd pleaser – come on, everyone loves a macaque or a koala, whether they’re eight years old or 80 – just keeps getting better. The latest addition to the already impressive list of habitats is the Lions’ Lair, where visitors can come nose to nose with the king of the jungle – a thick pane of glass separates man from beast, of course. Spend a few hours or all day wandering the grounds and discovering the critters. There’s also the chance to book a Close-up Encounter, where you can interact with meerkats, giant tortoises, giraffes and more of the animals.


Home of the University of Melbourne, Parkville is a leafy suburb located about 3km north of the CBD. To get here catch the 19 Tram Route, which starts at Flinders Street Station.

Melbourne ZooElliott Avenue, Parkville | +61 3 9285 9300

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