With a menu reminiscent of your childhood staples, Jaffle Jaffle is a new Melbourne eatery in the CBD that is transforming the humble toasted sandwich with some quirky twists.

Traditionalists will enjoy the classic Grand Toastie (Virginia ham, cheddar cheese and roma tomatoes) or The Mama (house spaghetti, bolognaise and parmesan). But to tempt the more adventurous foodies, there are fusions such as China Town, with barbecue pork, pickled cucumber, spring onion, sweet soy and hoisin sauce, or Mexican Nights, with chilli beef, spinach, jalapeñosand cheddar.

Owners Marc Goldenfein and Clayton Thompson have installed a unique jaffle press, which, we can guarantee, will ensure perfectly melted cheese.

As if the prospect of 12 different savoury jaffles isn’t enough, there are also sweet puff-pastry jaffles, including the mouth-watering fig and honey, or the one with raspberries and white chocolate. What more could you want at lunchtime?

567 Collins Street, Melbourne
Open Monday – Friday 8am to 4pm

Images: Lauren Bamford 


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