The freshly minted, premier-league alliance of Rumi’s Joseph Abboud and front-of-house maestro Ari Vlassopoulos invites diners to get their mezze on.

Middle Eastern food, fun cocktails and three types of arak combine their powers for a venue low on formality and high on life.

There’s hummus, of course, dressed to impress with fried chickpeas and diced calamari, charry octopus with a creeping pickled chilli fire and a parsley and lemon salad and lamb heart iskender, an open sandwich of bold deliciousness.

Open Tuesday-Friday for lunch and Tuesday-Saturday for dinner

Bar Saracen, Melbourne

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Best for: A Middle-Eastern feast
Stand-out dish: Truffle, egg and cheese borek
Fab factor: Almost everything is designed to share
Address: 22 Punch Lane, Melbourne
Phone number: (03) 8639 0265  


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