Looking at this rocky stretch of coastline and the often treacherous ocean swell beyond, it’s not hard to understand why this is the location of Australia’s oldest surviving lighthouse. Perched on the edge of a plummeting headland, it has been guiding the way for ships since 1848. Take the two-hour Lightkeeper’s Shipwreck Discovery Tour to immerse yourself in the tales of yesteryear and danger on the high seas. As you’re driving to and from the lightstation, watch for cars parked by the roadside; this is koala country and a parked car often signals that one has already been spotted in the eucalypts or transiting at ground level from one gum to the next.


Cape Otway is part of the Great Otway National Park and situated at the southern tip of Victoria’s western coastline. There’s very little here apart from the lightstation and the rugged beauty of nature.

Cape Otway Lightstation | Otway Lighthouse Road, Cape Otway | +61 3 5237 9240



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