A new luxury glamping retreat in Tasmania offers unique wildlife, idyllic riverside location and proximity to the delicacy known as “le diamont de la cuisine”.

Escape to Tasmania’s Truffle Lodge Glamping Retreat

Tasmania’s chilly weather (in summer, Hobart tops out at an average high of 20 degrees) is one of the best things about our southern island: it encourages fireside red-wine drinking, it allows for the donning of jaunty furry hats and woolly scarves and it makes Tasmania one of the few places in Australia where the elusive subterranean tuber known as the truffle can be grown.

One of Australia’s first truffieres (that’s a dedicated truffle farm, FYI) is adding glamping to its repertoire. Truffle Lodge farm is located on the banks of the Derwent River in idyllic Tasmania, which means it has a lot to offer above ground as well as the rare morsels below.

Now, five luxury tents (with more to follow) line the Derwent River at Truffle Lodge, just 45 minutes’ drive from Hobart. Guests can go fly-fishing, spot platypus swimming in the shallows and dine on rustic regional fare.

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Escape to Tasmania’s Truffle Lodge Glamping Retreat

Calling Truffle Lodge’s canvas-topped lodgings tents is, however, something of an understatement. With hand-carved wooden baths, rain-showers, king-sized beds, coffee machines and heating, the tents are better equipped than your average hotel room. Plus, each tent has river frontage and a private deck from which to watch the water rush by.

In addition to the luxurious safari-style tents, there’s The Lodge, connected to the tents via boardwalk. It’s the glamp-site’s main building where guests can dine, relax in the bar or sit on the cosy lounges by the fireplace with a book.

Escape to Tasmania’s Truffle Lodge Glamping Retreat
Escape to Tasmania’s Truffle Lodge Glamping Retreat

In France, they use pigs to sniff out the earthy morsels, though in Tassie it’s dogs whose noses discover what amounts to culinary gold. At Truffle Lodge, the glamping site will open October to April before closing for the winter while the dogs and farmers get down to the important business of truffle-harvesting.

3411 Lyell Highway, Gretna, Tasmania; 0417 996 305


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