Popular since it opened in early 2017, the family-run Izakaya is pumping now that it’s launched a lunchtime ramen menu.

Try a classic tonkotsu ramen with 10-hour pork bone broth, chashu pork belly, pulled pork shoulder, pickled wood-ear fungus, toasted nori, marinated egg and spring onion. Or be tempted by tan tan men made with a pork and chicken broth flavoured with miso tare and topped with spicy minced pork, bean shoots, nori and spring onion.

Vegetarians and vegans can enjoy plant-based ramen made from charred onion and mushroom, kombu dashi and bean paste, topped with shoyu aburaage (fried shredded bean curd), pickled wood-ear fungus, menma (semi-fermented bamboo shoots) and toasted nori. Order it extra-spicy with housemade chilli miso. Don’t miss the summer special of cold duck ramen salad with sesame dressing – perfect with chu-hi (alcoholic soda in a can).

Atmosphere: Cool Japanese gastropub
Best for: Beer and ramen
Cuisine: Japanese
Standout dish: Pork Tonkotsu Ramen (spicy!)
Open: 7 days for lunch and dinner
Address: 216-218 Elizabeth Street, Hobart
Phone number: (03) 6288 7876

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