Take a walk down Adelaide’s wide streets on a sunny day and it’s hard to imagine that the unassuming spaces have fascinating secrets. But head down those same streets with Yella Umbrella’s walking encyclopaedia Bob Brady and the city’s colonial past will be revealed in wonderful detail. Bob and his bright yellow umbrella meander around the city for two hours (Monday to Saturday), sharing the stories of the original inhabitants, the Kaurna people, and the pioneers, planners, explorers, scientists and criminals.

Learn about the protracted build time of Parliament House and the last public execution at the police barracks.Then there’s the reason behind the different names east and west of the King William Street divide. You’ll have to take the tour to find out – but much like Bob’s historical knowledge, it turns out that King William was not to be trifled with.


Bob’s tour takes in a good stretch of the city, starting near Adelaide Railway Station on North Terrace and ending at the Central Market on Gouger Street.

Yella Umbrella129 North Terrace, Adelaide | +61 414 766 149

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