For a local spa experience, the natural choice is Jurlique. The South Australian skincare brand with German origins prides itself in controlling the supply chain from seed to skin from the Jurlique Farm through to the manufacturing process and ultimately to the stores. Long before sustainability and biodynamic farming were fashionable, Jurlique’s founders Dr Jurgen Klein and wife Ulrike sought a place as unpolluted as possible to grow their plants naturally. In 1983 they set up the Adelaide Hills farm and now cultivate species including chamomile, calendula, rose, rosemary, echinacea, marshmallow and spilanthes. Experience the hand-harvested goodness with a Jurlique signature facial.


Jurlique stores in greater Adelaide offer excellent spa treatments. Closest to the city are the shopfronts in North Adelaide, where you can also find a cafe strip, Burnside – home to the city’s best fashion mall – and Glenelg, a family-oriented beach.

Jurlique | 97 O'Connell Street, North Adelaide | +61 8 836 19855

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