Having worked in the kitchens of Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Peru, American-born chef Greggory Hill decided that of all the cuisines he knows, Mexican is the one best suited to delicious vegan cooking.

So, although he’ll continue with the traditional Mexican cooking he’s perfected, his new vegan menu, from a dedicated kitchen, will feature dishes such as pantacones – crisp slices of deep-fried green banana with guacamole; bola sin carne – soy protein, rice and quinoa balls with a blistering hot chipotle sauce; and artichoke cakes with cauliflower and potato rissoles. Enjoy them with a Mexican beer such as Ocho Reales Pilsner and you won’t miss the animal protein in the slightest.

Open Friday and Sunday for lunch and Wednesday-Sunday for dinner 

Hispanic Mechanic

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Best for: A lively meal with herbivore friends
Stand-out dish: Pantacones
Fab factor: From October, Sundays are reserved for parties highlighting dishes cooked in the outdoor wood oven
Address: 205 Glen Osmond Road, Frewville
Phone number: (08) 8338 6435   

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