It’s one of Adelaide’s perennial favourites, where seats fill up early and fast. The room plays a part, with decorative illustrations, backwards writing on the walls that only reads correctly in a facing mirror and pink neon illuminating the entrance. So far, so cool. But what makes Golden Boy fabulous isn’t the hype or décor.

It’s the food – a broad Thai-fusion, pan-Asian mix. Some might say it’s too broad to steer alone and that’s where the “tuk tuk” set menu comes in. Prefer only seafood? Your tuk tuk will be pescetarian, including perhaps a sour, salty, sweet squid with eggplant and peppercorns or delicately poached salmon with a tom kha broth. Meat lovers might receive a southern jungle curry of pork shoulder or a massaman curry made with Wagyu beef. Chilli connoisseurs can sweat through more fiery options, such as larbstyle chicken mince served in lettuce cups with soft herbs. And there’s no platecounting here. As co-owner Sondra Deering says, “Need another dish? All good. It’s about getting to know our guests… and ensuring everyone walks away satisfied.”

309 North Terrace, Adelaide; (08) 8227 0799; open Tuesday-Saturday for dinner.

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