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Far North Queensland is a treasure-trove of natural wonders.

Get a taste of all it has to offer with this virtual video that takes in its two most incredible features: the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.

Guided by Dan Churchill, the tour starts with a bird’s-eye view of the reef on the journey from Cairns before 360-degree video takes you on a boat cruise up the Daintree River – and even if you were there in person, you wouldn’t jump in; the ancient salties make sure of that.

Take a peek around the rainforest as Churchill reveals just how old the unique trees and plants in this part of the world are, and focuses on one of the curious creatures you might spot roaming the boardwalks.

Then, take in the vast views over the hinterland and out to sea from the Skyrail and understand just how glorious this place is.

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