Four-wheel-drive this world-famous sand island or soak up locations such as Lake McKenzie and Pile Valley on one of the country's greatest walks.

A back-of-the-ute camping trip to K'gari (formerly known as Fraser Island), one of Australia’s best 4WD destinations, is a rite of passage for Queenslanders. Bounce across the dunes on a guided tour or take your own vehicle if you prefer to roam – and don’t hesitate to get out on foot. K'gari Walking Tours  leads expeditions along the 90-kilometre Great Walk, taking in freshwater Lake McKenzie, the king ferns and creeks of Pile Valley and the towering satinay trees of the Valley of the Giants. There are two-, three- and four-day itineraries that cover every option from pack-free or self-guided walks to luxury hiking trips.

Where to stay

With a mix of accommodation styles, from standard hotel rooms to luxury hilltop villas with spa baths on the balcony, Kingfisher Bay Resort has something for everyone. Villas have a minimum stay of two nights (three in peak season).  

How to get there

It’s a three-hour drive north from Noosa Heads to Hervey Bay, where there’s a 50-minute ferry transfer to Kingfisher Bay Resort. Driving on the island is 4WD only but, unless you’re experienced, take a tour instead.

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