There are few things more remarkable than seeing whales in the wild. Happily, Australian waters are blessed with a bevy of these creatures as they migrate each winter and spring, up and down our coastlines. For a close-up view of these water giants, take a cruise with Whales in Paradise. You’ll see not only whales but most likely dolphins and turtles, too. The cruises are small in size so that everyone on board has a decent view; lunch is included and the excursion comes with a whale-sighting guarantee. Migration time is June to November; it’s worth calling ahead to ask what time they’ve been most active. Pack a cardigan for the boat: the Gold Coast is generally warm but strictly speaking, this is winter and it can get chilly out on the ocean. And a word of warning: it can also get choppy but they do sell travel sickness tablets onboard.

Whales in Paradise | 23 Ferny Avenue, Surfers Paradise | +61 7 5538 2111

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