To see surfers in action, head to Snapper Rocks. On the northern side of Point Danger, Snapper is the start of a world-class sandbar surf break, known as the Superbank. Any surfer who knows their barrels will tell you that during the cyclone season, when the four breaks from Snapper, Rainbow Bay, Greenmount and Kirra connect, it’s possible to surf all the way from Snapper to Kirra, which is a distance of almost two kilometres. It’s known as one of the longest right-hand point breaks in the world and Australia’s longest wave. Snapper is also home to the Quicksilver Pro Gold Coast and the Roxy Pro Gold Coast – if you are lucky enough to be on the Gold Coast during these events, you can catch pros carving up the waves. If you are a beginner hoping to surf, check out our “Learn to surf” listing. 


Snapper Rocks are on a point in the beachside township of Coolangatta. This area is about 35 kilometres south of Surfers Paradise.

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