Slow-roasted lamb shoulder – it’s everywhere you go these days. The once-upon-a-time treat is now seemingly ubiquitous so why would you need to order it here? Well, simply put, if you don’t, you’ll regret it. Roasted in sheep’s milk yoghurt and lamb stock, it comes out soft, forkable and tangy, just the perfect amount of piquancy from the yoghurt to offset the natural fattiness of the lamb. On the whole the menu is dominated by tapas and share plates – so it’s a perfect place for a group. Couples will have more than enough to choose from in the way of small plates but it’s hard to down an entire lamb shoulder between two (kudos to those who try). Charcuterie is top-notch, the tuna sashimi is shamelessly good and the seasonal mushrooms are a veggie delight (as are the side order of chat potatoes).


Broadbeach is Surfers’ grown-up sister: sophisticated, self-assured and composed. Near the Oracle building, chic boutiques and salons line the streets, as do cool cafes and smart restaurants. Like Surfers, the beach is mere metres away. For those who like to try their luck, Broadbeach is also home to Jupiter’s Casino.

Social Eating HouseShop 137-138 / 3 Oracle Boulevard, Broadbeach | +61 7 5504 5210

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