Few things excite the littlies more than some water play and ice-cream. At Darwin Waterfront (Kitchener Drive; +61 8 8999 5155), it’s possible to swim safely in seawater. The Recreation Lagoon here is stinger- and croc-free, plus it’s close to cafés and eateries for either fast or leisurely refuelling. Also here is the Wave Lagoon: for a modest admission fee, you can swim under the gaze of lifeguards and, every few minutes, catch a wave or two. Out of town are Leanyer Recreation Park (215 Vanderlin Drive; +61 8 8927 4199) and Palmerston Waterpark (Roystonea Avenue; +61 8 8931 4685); both offer plenty of water-based fun, such as waterslides and wet play areas, and, happily, free admission.

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