Visit some of the Northern Territory’s most remote pubs, such the famous Humpty Doo Hotel, with a helicopter pub-crawl in Darwin. By Neil McMahon.

As Mick Dundee might put it: “That’s not a pub crawl. This is a pub crawl.” No prizes for guessing that the Heli Pub Tour is a slice of genius from the Northern Territory; where else?

It’s unlikely you’ll find anything similar to this on the planet – a seven-hour chopper ride from Darwin that takes you across the Top End to five remote pubs of varying degrees of eccentricity. 

There’s the famous Humpty Doo Hotel and the Litchfield Pub but the highlight must be the hospitality of Dutchman Kai “Happy” Hansen, sole occupant of Goat Island and publican at the Goat Island Lodge, where he shares welcoming duties with his dog, Hotdog, and Casey the crocodile.

“There’s a little hole in the bamboo that we land in and Kai entertains everyone with his jokes and his singing dog,” says tour operator Clinton Brisk. “It’s very Territory.”

If you’d rather cast a line than bend your elbow, try heli-fishing, which involves flying from Darwin to inaccessible but barra-friendly fishing spots for the day. Best thing about it? Even if you don’t know one end of a rod from the other, you’re still welcome – guides will show you the ropes. If nothing else, you’ll have the best “one that got away” story ever.

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