The post-Pilates people know where it’s at. Follow them to Sweet Brew’s unassuming highway shopfront and step into a world where the maître d’ stand is a vintage tool chest, organic artisan bread is displayed on a giant pegboard and you can take home flower arrangements with baby pineapples in them. The menu has a similar vibe. Sure, you can order bacon and eggs on sourdough (helpfully called The Basic) but the brekkie ramen, edamame toast, duck crumpet and smoky beans with ham hock, poached egg and za’atar soldiers are way more fun. Sides such as mushrooms and smoked tomatoes are well worth the extra $4. Campos coffee beans get the respect they deserve and the tea is – hallelujah! – loose leaf.

45 Stuart Highway, Darwin; (08) 7978 8638

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