Oishi-ya, loosely meaning “delicious shop”, 
is aptly named. Wicker chairs and terracotta tiles – a hangover from the premises’ previous incarnation as an Italian café – strike an odd décor note but the sushi is good and fresh, whether it’s from the train or the menu. Bento boxes and curries have their fans among office workers who stop in for a quick midweek lunch or city dwellers and tourists who head here at night. The soups, though, are the essence of oishii-ness, from udon topped with clear honey-coloured stock and mushrooms or tempura to toothsome soba and meaty ramen. In the Very Hot Ramen, tender pork meets egg and bamboo shoot in a spicy broth that just might be addictive.

55-59 Mitchell Street, Darwin; (08) 8942 2906

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