This unassuming, honest hole-in-the-wall diner is what everyday eating out is all about.

Run by the family behind Balmain’s Mabasa (now closed), Sáng is dishing up some of Sydney’s best Korean food in a fresh, contemporary setting. It feels like you’re dining in their home – which, in some ways, you are.

sang by masaba exterior

Kenny Yong-soo Son designed the quaint space to make it seem larger than it is. Textured white walls, timber floors, copper pendant lights and communal tables set a good platform for his parents, Seung-Kee and Jessica, to present their contemporary spin on Korean food, while Kenny’s wife, Youmee Jeon, makes the pickles and desserts.

Pan-fried pork dumplings come with a knock-your-socks-off chilli dipping sauce, while delicate, subtle seaweed rice rolls are stacked high against fluorescent-red spicy squid and radish salad. There’s bulgogi beef, napa cabbage pancakes and a classic bibimbap or choose the sizzling dolsot version, with all its pickled vegetables, egg yolk and sautéed beef beauty, plus charred rice at the bottom. Of course, your visit would not be complete without a serve of KFC – Korean fried chicken.

Atmosphere: Intimate setting with woody interiors
Best for: A casual hearty meal
Cuisine: Contemporary Korean
Standout dish: Kimchi Jeon (Jeon is Korean for pancake)
Open: Tuesday-Sunday for lunch and dinner
Address:  98 Fitzroy Street, Surry Hills
Phone number: (02) 9331 5175

sydney water and sunset

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