Whether you prefer a traditional serving of Yum Cha or Yum Cha with a modern twist, there's an offering in Canberra for you. 


If you’re looking for yum cha with a less traditional edge, Akiba is calling. Trolleys start rolling out on weekends as soon as enough tables fill up and the handmade ceramic plates are laden with all sorts of surprises. Silky, tender shiitake and water chestnut dumplings are one thing but a salmon sashimi firecracker is altogether unique: finely diced salmon flavoured with coriander, mayonnaise, shiso and miso-saké dressing is piped into a corn-chip-textured wonton cigar. Next up might be delicate discs of scallop sashimi garnished with grapefruit pieces and a dusting of togarashi (Japanese spice mix) and crunchy dried miso flakes. Enjoy it with seriously good saké.
40 Bunda Street, Canberra; (02) 6162 0602

The Scholar

Yum cha culture has been slow to evolve in Canberra but The Scholar is one of a handful of restaurants that locals flock to for their traditional fix. Seafood is the specialty here and a tank of live crustaceans and abalone awaits at the top of the tiled stairs. Navy chairs surround black marble-topped tables to which green tea is swiftly served as hungry diners agonise over whether to opt for steamed taro dumplings or hold out for more of the fried lobster variety. Our tip? Dive in. The weekend rush means favourites such as siu mai and sweet, fluffy buns stuffed with salty, sticky pork simply won’t last. Be sure to leave room for meltingly soft egg tarts.
23 Woolley Street, Dickson; (02) 6257 8323

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