Since its opening in 2013, Hotel Hotel has become the standard bearer for boutique hotel experiences in Canberra (and undeniably beyond). Hotel Hotel is an oversized playground for travellers with an interest in design, comfort, technology, sublime food and who just enjoy being treated embarrassingly well. Aesthetically, Hotel Hotel gets full marks for charm and stylish execution throughout each room, while the building’s foyer is instantly memorable for its inventive ‘Grand Stair’ featuring thousands of aerial-bound reclaimed timber planks. The highlights reel of services include the cosy library filled with local zines, the salon on the ground level, complimentary access to gym equipment, yoga classes and bike hire to take in the nearby lake loop. Monster and A.Baker - as well as its offshoot ‘Speakeasy’ - provide strong dining options for guests and chocolate addicts have to check out the blocks of choice from local chocolatier Little Monster stocked in the hotel.  Here’s one more tip for your visit to Hotel Hotel: stay as long as you can.  


A recently developed splinter suburb from its “old” namesake, New Acton is a short stroll into the traditional city centre of Canberra. But with in-demand eats and culture at their door-stops, who would want to leave anyway?

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