While the battle for pre-eminence in gelato-making continues apace in Sydney (between the likes of Messina and Cow & The Moon), sweet-toothed Canberra locals have got their own show-stopping desserts at the Frugii Dessert Laboratory. Another rightly raved-about member of the Ori commercial precinct in Braddon, Frugii is the brainchild of gelato generalissimo John Marshall, who set up shop in 2014. The store presents a changing daily line-up of cakes, choux, ice-cream, gelato and sorbet. The lemon-myrtle and salted-butter-caramel flavours walk straight out the door, while Marshall’s experiments in “ice-cream alchemy” produce everything from rosewater and choc-banana to Anzac biscuit and roast-potato flavours. Tip: go with a friend or two, so you can catch a sneaky sample of whatever they choose.


For much of its existence the inner-north suburb of Braddon, adjacent to Canberra’s CBD, was known for little more than car yards and petrol stations. In recent years, however, the area has transformed  to become a genuinely thriving hub of boutique stores, restaurants and cafes.

Frugii Dessert Laboratory | 30 Lonsdale Street, Braddon | +61 438 366 368

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