These stellar stays host both heads of state and celebrities, house some of the city's best restaurants and offer babysitting services to boot. In short? You'll live like a king at these leading Colombo hotels.

Galle Face Hotel

Famous guests at this luxury heritage hotel have included Arthur C. Clarke, Mahatma Gandhi, Richard Nixon, Yuri Gagarin, John D Rockefeller and Roger Moore.

Casa Colombo Boutique Hotel

Courtesy of one of the city’s most exciting young designers, this 200-year-old Moor mansion has been transformed into a 12-suite retro-chic boutique hotel. 

Tintagel Hotel

Famous as the home of Sri Lanka’s Bandaranaike family, the dynasty that gave the island nation three of its heads of state, this hotel has the aura of a stately home and the warmth of an English cottage.

Hilton Colombo

Known for both its family conveniences, which include babysitting services, children’s activities and playground and its dining options, which include some of the city’s finest restaurants, Hilton Colombo is a balanced choice for food-loving families.

Colombo Courtyard

The abundance of greenery and provocative design offer a welcome oasis for visitors.

Pictured: Poolside dining at Hilton, Colombo

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