Pack a picnic lunch – plus plenty of water, sunscreen and insect repellent – and get ready for a day of island hopping. Start your journey at Saint John’s Island, which has, at various stages, housed a quarantine station, penal settlement and rehabilitation centre. With a history as colourful as the corals and reef life that surround it, you can spend a few hours soaking in the idyllic charm of its beaches and swimming lagoons, exploring its trekking routes or even opting for a spot of fishing. Venture further and be suitably rewarded with one of Singapore’s best kept secrets: a 20-minute walk away lies Lazarus Island, a secluded and undeveloped island with clear waters and white sandy beaches. Find a spot, stake your claim and spend the rest of the day lapping up the peace and quiet.  


One of the eight Southern Islands, Saint John’s Island is situated around 6.5km to the south of Singapore. You can purchase round-trip ferry tickets to Saint John’s Island at Marina South Pier, including a stop at Kusu Island.

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