The founder of The Selby, a website that celebrates creative people in their personal spaces, has always had a strong affinity with Japan. These are the places the eclectic New York City-based photographer makes a beeline for in the equally diverse city of Tokyo. 

1. Nakagin Capsule Tower, Ginza

Nakagin Tokyo

I always take photos in front of this crazy, Lego-like building. 
It was built back in 1972 and is the first example of “capsule” architecture. Each box is a tiny, self-contained apartment.

2. Pigment, Shinagawa

Pigment, Tokyo

Even if you’re not into art, this supplies store is well worth a visit. One wall 
is like a rainbow – lined with thousands of pigments in every colour you can imagine (and some you can’t). The space itself is minimal and really beautiful.

3. Yakumo Saryo, 

This awesome temple-turned-restaurant 
is the brainchild of famous Japanese designer and chef Shinichiro Ogata. It only seats about 12 people and serves 
the most incredible Japanese vegetables. You can visit for breakfast or lunch but it’s by “invitation only” for dinner, similar to a private members club. Befriend a local.

4. Les Grands Arbres, Hiroo

Les Grandes Arbes

Start planning now

I head straight to this café when I land 
in Tokyo. It sits above a florist and is a giant tree house with 
a rooftop terrace. Go and sip a cold beer in the sunshine. 

5. The Vending Machine Corner, Akihabara 

Vending Machine Corner

You’ll find this weird cluster of vending machines on a quiet street about a five-minute walk from Akihabara Station. They sell things you can only get in Japan, like wind chimes, canned bread and toy kabutomushi [rhinoceros beetles]. 

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