Clinging to a dramatic ridge carpeted in dense rainforest, The Royal Pita Maha will leave you in no doubt that you’ve landed on the island of the gods, especially in the soft light of early morning when mists swirl across the valley. Owned by the royal family of Ubud, this is the epitome of Balinese luxury and palatial elegance. Pool villas with four-poster beds and heart-shaped sunken bathtubs nestle into steep valley walls. Ornate temples cling to rocky crevices and holy springs gurgle up from the earth; you can bathe here amidst the lichen-covered statues and boulders. Follow the meandering pathways lined with crimson heliconia down to the banks of the fast-flowing river and soak up the scenery while dining in the organic café or swimming in the lagoon pool. The resort is famed for its decadent spa; here, the Royal Ayung Villa, with its private Jacuzzi and lavish bathroom, makes an enchanting setting for a “Prince and Princess” treatment.  


The ancient holy village of Kedewatan perches high in the hills just north of Ubud and is renowned for its sacred springs. It’s also the setting for several resorts and stunning private villas.

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