Given cacao is considered the food of the gods and Bali is known as the Island of the Gods, it seems quite logical that cacao flourishes on the island. Hence, joining a chocolate tour in the beautiful rolling hills of Petang makes a lot of sense. The Pod tour covers an organic cacao plantation and a small factory where the humble bean is transformed into smooth, rich couverture chocolate. The most pleasurable part is making your own take-home supply, which you can decorate with fun stuff like dried apricots, cranberries, coconut and colourful sprinkles. If you are thinking Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, think again; production here is small – it’s more like being at a friend’s place for the afternoon, a friend who just happens to make chocolate and has a fabulous kitchen with gorgeous tropical views. Tucked away deep in the hills, Pod is tricky to find so although you could drive there yourself, it’s much easier to join the full tour, which includes hotel pick-up. There is also a great little café and the option of elephant rides.  


Petang is located in the foothills of Bali, about 30 minutes from Ubud. Quaint traditional villages, sloping hills covered in lush tropical vegetation and cacao plantations all typify this area. It is also home to the Sangeh Monkey Forest.

Pod Chocolate | Bali Elephant Camp, Carangsari, Petang | +62 361 239440 

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