Lauren Bath’s Photo Tour of India


Photographer, Instagrammer and perennial traveller Lauren Bath shares 10 special moments from her Golden Triangle tour of India in May.

Looking Out

“Sometimes a great shot takes thought and planning. Other times you just look up and it’s there. This picture was taken at the Agra Fort. A beautifully dressed visitor peering out at the Taj Mahal prompted a sideways look from the guard.”

Street Delights

“This shot was taken in Delhi in a famous ‘paratha’ (flatbread) area. I tried this delectable street food and used it to mop up soup and a mound of pickled vegetables.”

Palace Concubine

“This low-lit scene was photographed at Amber Fort in Jaipur.”

Bread from Above

“While visiting the kitchens at a Sikh temple in Delhi, we stopped by the bakery out the back.” 

Cows at Dawn 

“I photographed this scene on my first morning in Jaipur, where friendly cattle roam the streets.” 

Hazy Taj

“I prefer this perspective of the Taj Mahal rather than the traditional view.”

Hillside Road

“This view shows the road connecting the crowded city of Jaipur to the isolated Nahargarh Fort.”

Stained-Glass Window

“This unique space in the Karauli City Palace was originally used by the ladies of the fortress to spy while remaining unseen.”

Palace Selfie 

“I captured this while wandering the vibrant halls of the Karauli City Palace.”

The Taj Mahal

“And finally here she is: the glorious Taj Mahal.” 

For more information about the Golden Triangle tour Lauren Bath took with Intrepid, visit the website

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