Join a 13-Day Virtual Tour of WA Complete with Kangaroos on the Beach

Virtual Tour of WA Kangaroo on Lucky Beach

If virtual tours and travel experiences you watch at your own leisure aren’t giving you enough of that structured, “holiday itinerary” feel, fear not: Tourism Western Australia has curated a 13-Day virtual adventure just for you.

Every day for 13 days Tourism Western Australia is sharing 360 videos of amazing places and activities around the state as you could experience them if you were on a meticulously planned 13-day dream holiday.

The tour starts in Esperance, enjoying rugged ocean views as you drive along the coast and into Lucky Bay for a relaxing cuppa and a visit from some adorable Kangaroos.

Virtual tour of Lucky Bay, Western Australia

Explore Lucky Bay

If you think they can’t top critters and coffee, day 2 takes you underwater in Albany to swim with killer whales.

Virtual tour, Albany killer whales

Swim with killer whales

On day 3 you’re transported to the vines of Margaret River for a virtual toast and then another plunge underwater to meet some stingrays.

Virtual tour of Margaret River vineyards

Discover Margaret River

You can follow along and rewatch all the tours on the Western Australia Facebook page.

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