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We've all been there – the spectacular getaway you’re on is winding down and mundane thoughts, involving alarm clocks, grocery lists and a mountain of emails, are creeping in. Our tip? Don’t wait for the holidays to do the things you love.

Learn a language

In love with the life and culture of the last far-off place you visited? Enrich your experience further by learning its native tongue. Make the morning commute a productive one with the Duolingo app. Its easy voice tutorials and a fun race-against-the-clock style of learning will have you hooked (and updating your languages on LinkedIn) in no time. Best of all, it’s free.

Home improvement

Nothing elevates a living space better than a captured moment from your recent travels with loved ones or friends. Take some time out to organise a selection of your snaps and then relive your vacation with a framed photo that serves as a reminder of why you love to travel. For an easy way to print stylish Instagram pics straight from your phone, head to

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Weekend wanderlust

Don't leave the discovery of new places to the annual holiday. Travel Insider has the lowdown on the best short breaks on offer right around the country. From the obscure, rugged beauty of Groote Eylandt to the laid-back vibes of Byron Bay, there will always be a weekend getaway waiting to be pencilled into the calendar. Actually, forget the pencil, mark it with ink.

Just move

For some of us, the idea of returning to the gym after time spent poolside with cocktails seems about as appealing as a charted accountants' annual general meeting. It doesn’t have to feel like a chore or a snore, though. Start small and take 20 minutes out of your day to just move. Whether it's a walk around the block, a boxing workout with a buddy, or an app-friendly personal trainer – try out Pocket YOGA (Bianca Cheah from Sporteluxe loves it) – it's time well spent. Plus, by releasing some natural endorphins into the body, you're getting an organic mood lift every day. 

Natural wellbeing

In today’s fast-moving, Pokemon Go-hunting world, nobody has time to fall sick with an unwelcome flu or feelings of lethargy. To help ensure your body is in tip-top shape, try Olive Leaf Extract by Comvita. Packed with natural antioxidants, add it to your morning juices, smoothies and teas and give your immune system the boost it needs all year round. For more information, visit

Enjoy the little things

A little time spent planning catch-ups with friends and family weeks or months in advance ensures you’ll always have something to look forward to. Think about it, you put all that effort into planning your dream holiday, why not do the same with your everyday life? It’s amazing how a morning brekkie date with friends can be an instant game-changer.

Keep the dream alive

While you may not be able to jet-set across the globe every week, take what you did enjoy on your trip and try to incorporate it into your everyday life. Loved the cuisine? Learn some recipes and share them with friends. The excitement and sense of discovery doesn’t have to feel like a one-off experience.

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