Emma Seibold’s Top Tips for Staying Fit While Travelling


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It can be tough to stick to your usual diet and exercise routine while traveling, but it's not impossible. Founder of Barre Body, Emma Seibold shares her top healthy travel tips to adopt the next time you fly.

Pack and plan for fitness

Consider making fitness an integral part of travel. Pack your favourite workout outfit and plan ahead for how you will exercise at your destination. Find a class to take at your destination or take your yoga mat and a favourite fitness DVD (like Barre Body's Lengthen & Tone!).

One of my favourite things to do when I arrive at my destination is to go for a long walk – not only is walking the best way to see a city, the fresh air and sun also helps with jetlag, too.

Take some healthy snacks

Pack some healthy snacks into your carry-on to snack on during your flight. Some easy and no-fuss snack ideas suitable for air travel include almonds, protein bars, and cucumber celery and carrots sticks. Consider pre-preparing your snacks before your flight.

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Take Olive Leaf Extract

When I’m flying interstate to teach at Barre Body, the last thing I need is to catch a cold! To help boost my immunity while I’m travelling, I pack Comvita Fresh-Picked Olive Leaf Extract High Strength Capsules into my carry-on. Powerful antioxidants in Olive Leaf Extract fight free radical damage to help support the immune system. If I do fall sick, I find Olive Leaf Extract helps relieve any symptoms of coughs, colds and flu, sore throat and upper respiratory infections, so I can feel well again in no time.

Stretch your spine

When you are flying you can be seated and inactive for long periods of time. In order to avoid back aches, I stretch my spine before and during my flight. The spine can be mobilised in five directions and stretching in each of these ways will make you feel much better during and after travel. Try these spinal stretches:

a) Rotate your spine with a twist around to each side
b) Traction your spine by grounding your hips (if seated) or feet (if standing) and lengthening up through your body, drawing the crown of your head to the sky
c) Stretch to the side by reaching your arm over your head
d) Bend forward in a cat stretch
e) Move from your cat stretch into a cow stretch by creating a gentle backbend

Stay hydrated

I drink tons of water before, during and after flying to help keep me hydrated and prevent jetlag. I also try and avoid coffee – especially on long flights. A handy hint is to pack a few of your favourite herbal tea bags with you.

Research healthy cafes and restaurants ahead of your arrival

I’m always so excited to discover the latest cool health cafes and new wellness cuisine at my destination. Consider having a plan for how and where you are going to eat while you are traveling to avoid getting caught out and resorting to eat fast food or less healthy options.

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