15 Real Fairytale Destinations You Must Visit


Be swept off your feet at one of these beautiful destinations in lands far, far away…

  1. The eight centuries worth of architecture in Colmar’s Old Town, France will capture your imagination
  2. Visit the Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany, which was the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle
  3. Covered in an emerald living wall, you’ll be enchanted by The Magic Mountain Lodge in Patagonia, Chile, which is only accessible by a rickety rope bridge
  4. Stroll through the Wisteria Tunnel in Japan. It’s tunnel of flowers will delight you
  5. Discover Romania’s Ochiul Beiului, a sapphire-coloured lake that, legend has it, is the spot fairies meet
  6. Lapland, Finland is a wonderland where you can experience white winters on a reindeer safari
  7. Just 20 minutes out of Adelaide, South Australia’s Thorngrove Manor is a luxurious baroque property with medieval towers and suites fitted out with ornate interiors
  8. The lush (if a little mysterious) Lost Gardens of Heligan in England isn’t your average stroll through the park. There’s a gigantic, green ‘Sleeping Goddess’ sculpture here, that looks like something out of a storybook  
  9. Saint Basil’s Cathedral is one of Moscow’s most famous tourist attractions, and its surreal appearance makes it look like it’s been plucked out of a place far, far away…
  10. Take a hot-air balloon ride over Cappadocia in Turkey to view the ‘fairy chimney’ formations from the sky
  11. You can’t help but be swept up in France’s incredibly grand Château de Chenonceau. Built in the 1500s, this sweeping estate is still surrounded by moats
  12. Wander around Český Krumlov’s quaint, cobbled streets, where you’ll look up and see the town’s famous 13th-century castle
  13. Perched on the shore of Austria’s Hallstätter See, Halstatt is packed with picturesque river and mountain views – not to mention centuries worth of quaint buildings
  14. Ukraine’s Swallow's Nest Castle is a dramatic sight: a castle perched atop a cliff with sweeping sea views 
  15. Arrive at The Dark Hedges, Ireland before the sun rises to see this 18th-century forest in its mysterious, foggy glory…

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