Where to Eat Authentic Doughnut Cones


Doughnut cones. Okay, stop drooling and pay attention. This food phenomenon is actually a baked cylindrical Hungarian pastry known as kürtőskalács (Hungarian), trdelník (Czech) or chimney cakes, which are filled with soft-serve ice-cream. It wouldn’t be a complete exaggeration to suggest these sugary delights have taken over the entire dessert universe. 

The current craze has spread from a speciality cafe called Good Food in Prague, where they experimented by using a cornet shape instead of a straight dowel to bake the dough and began selling their “Chimney Blizzards”. Queues and internet-breaking level of excitement among foodies started pretty much instantly and there are even reports of people flying to Prague just to sample them.

Chimney cakes have already been gaining popularity outside of Europe – the Kürtősh chain (Randwick, Surry Hills, Crows Nest and Darlinghurst) is already serving the traditional variety here in Australia. 

What about the cones? While a few local cafés are experimenting with their own versions (see below) the real-deal cones, as seen in Prague, aren’t quite in Australia yet – to make these requires special equipment that just can’t be shipped in quickly enough. According to the supplier, Kurtos Kalacs suto there are Australian and Canadian bakers getting ready to set up shop as we speak.

We have the inside scoop on where the cones are coming next. Be excited…

Milky Lane, Bondi, Sydney

Milky Lane is currently closed for renovation and reopening in mid-April with dulce de leche soft-serve doughnut cones and toppings including Nutella, hot fudge, strawberries, nuts and basically everything else dreams are made of.

Kurto Bros, Campbellfield, Melbourne

Kurtos Bros’ official opening date hasn’t been set but they have assured us it will be soon. We don’t even know what their official menu is yet but we have sighted drool-worthy pics of cones with chocolate sauce and berries. This is not a drill.

Eva’s Original Chimneys, Toronto

This Toronto food truck has set an April 17 launch date at one of the city’s coolest green urban hangouts, Evergreen Brick Works. They’ve indicated they will be giving away “golden tickets” for free cones on the day. Anyone want to go to Canada?

Otherwise, these cafés aren’t doing the traditional Prague style but have come up with very compelling variations:

Donut Bar, San Diego

Popularly known to produce some of the best doughnuts in the USA, this already must-visit San Diego cafe is about to become even more noteworthy with its own take on the trdelník.

Bakery on O'Connell, Adelaide

This bakery has taken mash-ups to a new level with their “Cronut Cones”. Mmmm.

Lena Lu and Jersey Jack Gelato, Perth

Perth’s Lena Lu specialises in bomboloni doughnuts and they’ve partnered with local gelateria Jersey Jack for some spectacular cones that we’ve even seen topped with macarons, because you can’t have too much dessert.

Lead image via instagram/ekiem.de

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