Make Your Own Blend of Wine at Penfolds


Make your own blend of Wine at Penfolds cellar door in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. By Neil McMahon.

South Australia’s Barossa is world-famous for its wine and now you can join the ranks of its winemakers, if only for a day. At Penfolds’ cellar door, wine-lovers with a penchant for discovery can enter the inner sanctum – the wine lab used by Penfolds winemakers. There, you don a lab coat and set about juggling beakers, funnels and measuring cups in pursuit of your very own personal blend.

The basis for the experiment is Penfolds’ Grenache Shiraz Mataro – the Bin 138 – and your task is to create a blend that comes close to the original while satisfying your own palate. You get three attempts to get it right and head home afterwards with a 375ml bottle of your creation.

“It’s very popular. People love it,” says cellar door manager Cyra Treloar. “You’re in the actual winemakers’ lab doing what the winemakers do.”

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