Little Bistro - Review

Little Bistro

There are few more 
deeply satisfying dining experiences than seeing the classics wonderfully executed: 
a rich and creamy cassoulet, tuna carpaccio or a fine apple tart with a perfect quenelle 
of Chantilly. At Little Bistro, 
a pop-up dining room on the first floor of Hotel CBD, one 
of Britain’s most celebrated chefs, Alastair Little, provides 
a much-needed boost to the French-cum-British-inspired bistro scene in the heart of the city. The room is classic black and white with dark timber chairs and the service has an ageless, eccentric character. There’s no groundbreaking gastronomy here. Instead, 
Little Bistro delivers tried-
and-true recipes to warm 
your cockles and have you coming back for more. Witness the velvety chicken liver pâté bolstered by a tangy onion marmalade; the new-season mussels popped open in a white wine, chilli and parsley broth; and confit duck, pork belly, sausage and white beans in what’s perhaps the city’s 
best cassoulet.

Little Bistro

Open Monday-Friday for lunch and dinner

Best for: Upmarket comfort food
Stand-out dish: A slice of Sachertorte terrine
Fab factor: The classically contemporary Merivale Styling
Address: 52 King Street, Sydney
Phone number: (02) 9114 7365

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