It calls itself a wine bar 
but Congress has burst 
out of the Collingwood starting blocks with a dish that has “instant cult classic” written all over it. We’re talking about the pig’s head sanga with mustard mayo, starring a breaded and fried puck of porcine goodness larded with chicken jus so explosively juicy it comes with 
a warning from the waiter. 
It’s thoroughly deserving of 
the accolades – but then so is the kangaroo done pastrami-style, the richly salty strips cut with 
a sweet-leaning cultured cream and served with a rubble of fried onion. And the brussels sprouts, the zero-turned-hero vegetable paired with an umami bomb 
of sunflower tahini and capers. This sleek, hyper-modern little spot anchoring a new apartment block is so much more than 
a residents’ pit stop: it’s a new Melbourne must-do.

Congress Wine Bar

Open Friday-Saturday for lunch and Monday-Saturday for dinner

    Best for: Upmarket comfort food
    Stand-out dish: Crumbed pig's head sanga
    Fab factor: The sleek, modern interiors
    Address: Corner Peel and Wellington Streets, Collingwood
    Phone number: 03) 9068 7464   

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