Visa and Health

Prepare for your trip

There are plenty of things to consider when you travel overseas. Visa and health requirements are two of the most important factors to work out before you leave.

Start to plan early and consider:

  • Travel insurance. A travel insurance product is available online, or ask your travel agent for other options.
  • Immunisations. At least six weeks before travel discuss immunisation, malaria and other health issues with a doctor or travel health service.
  • Carry a basic medical kit. Most items are available from your local chemist, be sure to check what items you can and can't take onboard the plane and into foreign countries.
  • Carry a supply of your regular medication. If you are taking prescription medicine you should carry a copy of your doctor's prescription and keep all medication in your carry on baggage.

Visa and Health Requirements

IATA Travel Centre

Visit the IATA Travel Centre to obtain a personalised report on visa and health requirements for your whole trip.


VisaCentral^ is a fast, easy, and secure solution for your international travel document needs.

Note: The results above are based on a return journey.

VisaCentral^ is a third party service provider that can assist with the process of visa applications for residents of the countries below. Application and processing fees apply.

Basic Travel Safety Tips

  • Avoid undercooked meat and seafood, raw vegetables and salads.
  • Boil or purify drinking water if in doubt.
  • Ensure cooked food is served steaming hot.
  • Cover exposed skin, sleep under permethrinimimpregnated mosquito nets and use insect repellent especially in known malaria areas. Daytime mosquito protection is needed in areas of risk for dengue fever.
  • Practice safe sex.
  • Wear seatbelts.
  • Be aware that mammals can transmit rabies. If bitten, seek immediate medical advice.
  • Avoid swimming or wading in fresh water rivers and lakes where bilharzia (schistosomiasis) infection can occur.

Review our travel checklist to get a week by week checklist of travel preparation.

Important Information

^ VisaCentral is a CIBT Company. Qantas takes no responsibility for lost or misplaced documents that may occur during application.