Travel Tracker Confirmation

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Thank you for registering for Qantas Travel Tracker Reports.

Monthly Travel Tracker Reports will be sent to your nominated e-mail address.

Book Qantas domestic flights, Qantas international flights departing Australia, hotels (including packages) and domestic cars at, and remember to add your ABN every time for summarised and detailed monthly Qantas Travel Tracker Reports sent to your nominated e-mail address.

Forgot to include your ABN? You can also add your ABN to a flight booking after you have made it, through Manage Your Booking.

By registering for this service you commit to informing your business travellers that their travel details will be shared with your organisation.

Note: only one person from each company will receive the reports. If your ABN is already registered, we will contact you.

Read more about Qantas Travel Tracker in our FAQs.