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Taxes, Fees and Charges

Taxes, fees and charges are correct as at 4 April 2017. Exact amounts applicable will be displayed once all flights are selected.

From Vancouver

Code Name of Tax/Fee/Charge Country Round Trip to
Sydney via QF76/QF75
Round Trip to
Melbourne via QF76/QF75
Round Trip to
Brisbane via QF76/QF75
CA Air Travellers Security Charge Canada C$25.91 C$25.91 C$25.91
XG Goods and Services Tax Canada C$1.00 C$1.00 C$1.00
SQ Airport Improvement Fee Canada C$20.00 C$20.00 C$20.00
RC Harmonized Sales Tax Canada n/a n/a n/a
WY Passenger Service Charge - International Australia C$59.82 C$59.82 C$59.82
AU Passenger Movement Charge Australia C$55.92 C$55.92 C$55.92
QR Passenger Service Charge - Domestic Australia n/a C$24.48 C$29.46
WG Safety and Security Charge - International and/or domestic Australia n/a C$5.62 C$5.62
  Total Taxes, Fees and Charges:*
(as at 4 April 2017)
  C$162.65 C$192.75 C$197.73
* Third party taxes, fees and charges are subject to change, may vary depending on the itinerary and some exceptions may apply.