The Scenic Drive

Scenic Drive

Day 1 and 2: Begin along the coast of Sydney with a walk following the Coast track in Royal National Park. (Recommended stay: 2 days)

Day 3: Drive towards Katoomba and experience Blue Mountains National Park, including the legendary Three Sisters. (Recommended stay: 1 day)

Day 4: Head back to the coast into Budderoo National Park for the stunning Carrington Falls. (Recommended stay: 1 day)

Day 5: Sitting 1000m above sea level is Norths Lookout which you can get to by foot or 4WD. (Recommended stay: 1 day)

Day 6 and 7: Drive back to Sydney to catch a plane to Coffs Harbour where you'll find the Waterfall Way Scenic Drive. (Recommended stay: 2 to 3 days)

Spectacular scenic drives in New South Wales

Begin your scenic road trip by venturing along The Coast track in Royal National Park, located just south of Sydney. Take in the breath-taking, rugged landscape as you venture past cliffs and sandy beaches along the sixteen mile walk. Some people are able to complete the walk in a day, but we recommend you stroll along at a more leisurely pace and camp overnight at North Era campground to make the most of the trip.

Once your legs have recovered from the coastal 'marathon', head over to Blue Mountains National Park for a much shorter, but no less spectacular, walk. The half hour walk will take you to The Three Sisters, which is a place of cultural significance to the local Aboriginal people. Legend has it that the rock formation represents three beautiful sisters from the Katoomba tribe that were turned to stone by a witchdoctor.

As you pass through Budderoo National Park make sure to stop off at Carrington Falls, which many regard as the most beautiful on the South Coast. Our next point of call is the scenic Norths Lookout, which offers spectacular views of the Murray Valley, Riverina and the Snowy Mountains. At almost 1,000m above sea level, this lookout makes a great picnic spot and you can see for miles around; we recommend hiking or hiring a 4WD to get there.

Return to Sydney along the coast to fly north, hire a car and take the Waterfall Way Scenic Drive from Coffs Harbour to Armidale. This route will show you a variety of the unique landscapes that shape Australia, from the coast to rainforest, waterfalls and river valleys, giving you plenty of photo opportunities.

Then fly back to Sydney from Armidale.

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