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Book a round the world trip, stopover or multi-city itinerary with ease at No matter how complicated your travel plans are, our booking engine will allow you to find the flight that best meets your needs.

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  • View flight options from over 28 partner carriers to over 380 destinations.
  • Search by "best price" or "more flexible fares".
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  • View of up to 50 alternative flight options for each segment with the price difference for each flight clearly displayed.
  • Filter flights that are eligible for Frequent Flyer Upgrades.

Round the World

Plan and book a Round the World trip
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Book an international trip to multiple destinations with as many as 15 stops with oneworld. You will fly with Qantas, the 12 oneworld member airlines and their affiliate airlines.

Round the World


  1. Travel in one continuous direction, either east or west, between continental zones. You can travel in any direction within a continental zone depending on the number of sectors you have available. For example, departing Europe you can travel west to New York, travel freely around North America, then to Australia, Asia and continue back to Europe.
  2. You need a minimum of four continents in your Round the World itinerary including the continent from which you depart.
  3. The price you pay is based on the number of continental zones and travel class.
  4. Bookings can include up to 16 segments.
  5. Minimum two stopovers permitted.
  6. Bookings must be created at least eight days from the first departure date.
  7. Travel must be in a continuous direction either east or west.
  8. Round the World fares are based on the number of continental zones visited and travel class.


Plan and book a Multi-City trip

Use our multi-city booking engine to book a stopover, internal flights at your destination or to break your trip on any Qantas flight. For example, you might want to book a stopover in Dubai on your way to London, or you might want to explore other cities in Australia on your trip.



  1. Bookings can include up to 12 sectors including a maximum of two trip breaks (making your own arrangements).
  2. You cannot book the same flight twice in one booking.