Reducing fuel emissions

Fuel efficiency in the air and on the ground

Qantas Future Planet

Today, over 95 per cent of Qantas' overall emissions come directly from our use of jet fuel. To counter this, one of the key priorities of Qantas Future Planet is to reduce our fuel usage.

Whether it's improving the efficiency of our aircraft to meet our 2020 fuel reduction targets of 1.5% per year, or exploring renewable energy methods such as electric ground service vehicles and biofuel, our Future Planet initiatives demonstrate the broad range of thinking devoted to cutting down on our fuel consumption.

Using big data to reduce aircraft fuel use

Future Planet is all about creating smarter solutions. So in an innovative partnership with GE Aviation, we're using big data analysis from our aircraft to improve the efficiency of our fleet.

Cutting aircraft fuel use with a smoother descent profile

Our collaborative introduction of Required Navigation Performance (RNP) technology was its first implementation outside of North America, and highlights our leadership approach to fuel and aircraft noise reduction.

Reducing aircraft weight to improve fuel efficiency

Through initiatives like replacing paper Flight Manuals with iPads and introducing lightweight carbon brakes, employees from across the Qantas group are helping reduce aircraft weight, leading to reduced fuel usage and a lower emissions footprint.

Using our expertise to reduce fuel usage on the ground and in the air

We're focused on becoming leaders in fuel efficiency. That's why we work closely with experts across the Qantas group, from our pilots to our ground staff, to help evaluate fuel use, and implement innovative ideas with positive environment and sustainable benefits.

Building our fleet of electric GSE

Electric vehicles are the way of the future on the road, and on the tarmac. Through Future Planet we're building our fleet of low emission Electric Ground Service Equipment (GSE), significantly reducing our diesel usage and our carbon footprint.

Creating a sustainable future with aviation biofuels

Unlike fossil fuels, biofuels can be created sustainably and significantly reduce fuel emissions. Qantas has operated Australia's first commercial biofuel flight between Sydney and Adelaide as well as the world's first biofuel flight between the United States and Australia. Now we're using our landmark Future Planet research to promote and develop the widespread use of aviation biofuel - learn more.