Red Cross - Missing Type campaign


We rarely think about our blood type - the majority of us don't even know ours.

But if your blood type was to go missing in everyday life, you would start to pay closer attention to the problem.

In Australia, a blood donation is needed every 24 seconds to provide life-saving treatments to patients - that's 25,000 donations every week.

To meet patient needs, the Australian Red Cross Blood Service needs 100,000 new blood donors to give blood for the first time over the next year.

The letters A, O and B make up the various blood groups, and the Missing Type campaign uses these letters to highlight the need to attract thousands of new volunteers to donate blood.

As a proud supporter of the Red Cross Blood Service and a Red25 member, Qantas is supporting the #missingtype campaign by removing the letter "A" from the Qantas website and social media channels.

#missingtype is a global campaign with 26 different blood services in 24 countries and hundreds of supporting organisations, celebrities and brands from across the world.

How can you support the campaign?

  • Become a blood donor with the Red Cross Blood Service.
  • Share the campaign across your social networks using #missingtype and tag redcrossbloodau.