Permanent Bag Tags - Q Bag Tags

Permanent Bag Tags – Q Bag Tags

The Q Bag Tag is a permanent electronic bag tag designed to facilitate a faster and easier baggage check-in at domestic airports.*

There's no longer a need to attach a temporary bag tag each time you fly domestically - just drop your bags and go.

What's more, if you check-in online or with your mobile before you arrive at the airport, you'll be able to go directly to the Bag Drop.

With a sleek design by Marc Newson, each tag contains world-first technology that synchronises your details on your boarding pass or Qantas card with your baggage.

Get your Q Bag Tag today

Q Bag Tags can be purchased from the Qantas Shop for A$29.95 or A$49.95 for two or from the Qantas Store for 6,750 Qantas Points for a single tag or 10,700 Qantas points for two tags.

Qantas Club members will also find them for sale at the Sydney T3, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth Qantas Club service desks.

Important Information

1. You must declare any Dangerous Goods you are carrying before you check in.
2. If you lose your Q Bag Tag you will need to purchase a replacement.
3. Q Bag Tags will not be replaced due to fair wear and tear.
4. Q Bag Tags which are faulty, lost or damaged by Qantas can be returned for replacement. Contact the place from which you acquired your Q Bag Tag with details of the fault as soon as you discover it. For purchases from Qantas Shop, Qantas Frequent Flyer Store and Qantas Clubs, contact the relevant area with details of the fault, loss or damage as soon as you discover it along with a receipt for proof of purchase with your request.
- Qantas Shop, PO Box 90, Lindfield NSW 2070
- Qantas Store, 215 Arden Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051
- Qantas Club – Q Bag Tags - 215 Arden Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051
5. If your Q Bag Tags were received as part of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program, call 13 11 31.

* Not available at Cloncurry, Moranbah, Hamilton Island, Mount Hotham, Gladstone or Geraldton.