Points Plus Pay

Points Plus Pay allows Qantas Frequent Flyer members to obtain flights with a mixture of points and money at qantas.com. The more points used, the less money paid! Point levels start from as low as 5,000.^

To access Points Plus Pay through Flight Bookings at qantas.com, members need to login to Your Account before you start to make a flight booking at qantas.com. Once flights have been selected, a 'Use Points Plus Pay' option will be available on the Review page if you have sufficient points. Use the tool to choose the mix of points plus pay you wish to use.*

Not a Qantas Frequent Flyer member? You can join online and start earning points instantly.

All bookings made using Points Plus Pay are treated as an Any Seat Award and Any Seat Award fare conditions will apply. Find out more about Any Seat Awards or view full terms and conditions. Not all Any Seat Award flights are presented through Flight Bookings and the points and money required for different flights may differ, so it may be worth checking both Flight Bookings and Award Bookings for your flights.*
* Points Plus Pay is also available for Any Seat Awards booked through Award Bookings. The minimum points needed for Any Seat Award bookings through Award Bookings is usually higher, is only quoted at the time of booking and is subject to change. The Award Bookings engine is different to the Flight Bookings engine and different flights are available through each. Points Plus Pay is not available for Classic Award bookings.
^ The minimum point needed is subject to change.