Book now, pay later

Because commitment isn't for everyone

Start planning your next trip today, knowing that you have secured the flight you want.

Book Now Pay Later

Because commitment isn't for everyone

Start planning your next trip today, knowing that you have secured the flight you want.
With Book Now, Pay Later, you can hold your seat with a $25 holding deposit per passenger and enjoy the freedom of paying the rest closer to your departure date.

Book Now, Pay Later may be available for international fares and domestic Fully Flexible and Business Class fares, as well as domestic Jetstar Starter with Max bundle fares. The availability of Book Now, Pay Later and the length of time you have to pay will depend on your fare conditions and time until departure.

Note, that while your booking is on hold, the total ticket price may change due to amendments in taxes, fees and carriers charges, as well as fare adjustments. The holding deposit of $25 per passenger will be refunded to you when you pay for your tickets online.

So, book today and relax, knowing you have secured your seat.

Conditions apply. See Important Information below.

How to hold your seat with a holding deposit of $25

Securing the flights you want is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. If your booking is eligible for Book Now Pay Later, this option will appear along with the date full payment is due on the Check page (see example below).
  2. Review and confirm your flight details.
  3. Select the 'Pay Later' tab in the Payment section and pay your holding deposit.

After you have paid your holding deposit, you will receive an e-mail with the full details required for paying online.

Example of Check Page showing Book Now, Pay Later option:

Check page with Book Now Pay Later option

How to pay for your booking

  1. Retrieve your booking at Manage Your Booking.
  2. Select the 'Pay Now' button.
  3. Pay for your booking in full. A card payment fee may apply, visit our Schedule of Fees for more information.

After payment, your holding deposit will be refunded, and an e-ticket itinerary and email advising of your holding deposit refund will be sent to you.

Note - The holding deposit will not be refunded if the following occurs:

  • You cancel the booking;
  • The booking is cancelled because you have not paid in full before the due date;
  • You choose to pay for your tickets via our Contact Centre or at the airport.

Fares which may be eligible for Book Now Pay Later

Availability of Book Now, Pay Later depends on your particular fare conditions and departure date. You will see the option to hold your seat on the Check page if your booking is eligible.

Book Now Pay Later may be available for the following fares:

  • Fully Flexible, Business Class fares and Jetstar Start with Max bundles fares within Australia.
  • International flights (excluding Red e-Deals to New Zealand and round-the-world fares).

For international sale fares, Book Now, Pay Later may not be available close to the end of the sale.

Book Now Pay Later is not available for the following bookings:

  • Red e-Deal fares for domestic flights
  • Sale and Saver fares for New Zealand flights
  • round-the-world fares
  • fares booked with Classic Flight Rewards or Points Plus Pay - Flights
  • combined Qantas and Jetstar flights (for example, Gold Coast to Alice Springs booked as a combined flight from the Gold Coast to Sydney with Jetstar and from Sydney to Alice Springs with Qantas)
  • where Insurance and/or Carbon Offset is chosen.

Book now and pay later

Important Information
1. Book Now Pay Later is only available for e-ticket itinerary bookings made from Australia through
2. Payment must be made in full on or before the due date advised at the time of booking. If you do not pay the fare in full on or before the due date, the booking will be cancelled.
3. If the booking is cancelled your holding deposit of A$25 per passenger for bookings from Australia will not be refunded.
4.When Pay later is offered as a Method Of Payment, Pay Now will always be the default. The user can either pay with credit card or debit card (if applicable). In the case of both payment methods are offered, the payment method panel is displayed. A fee free option is not available to put the booking on hold but is available once the person comes back to pay the full payment.
5. Bookings that have been made using Pay Later, will be cancelled if the Passenger does not pay before midnight on the Pay Now date.
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