Use of Medical Oxygen on Qantas Services

If you require medical oxygen during your flight, please note the following prior to travel:

  • Your medical practitioner will need to complete and sign a Travel Clearance Form, indicating your fitness for travel in accordance with our Travel Clearance Guidelines;
  • You must either fax or email the completed form to Qantas Special Handling at least 72 hours before your intended travel:
    send an email to or fax +61 2 9490 1830
  • If you do not have an approved Travel Clearance Form you may be denied boarding.
  • You (and or your Carer) must know how to operate the equipment and ensure there is sufficient oxygen and battery life for the duration of your flight (including unscheduled delays).
  • Except for medical emergencies, our cabin crew cannot provide inflight treatment.

Oxygen Concentrators

Passengers may use portable oxygen concentrators on board Qantas aircraft. These devices may be both battery and electrically powered.

For a list of accepted devices please refer to the list of authorised medical equipment.

NOTE: Qantas does not supply oxygen concentrators for passenger use on any flights.

Domestic Flights (Qantas aircraft only)

If your device uses lithium batteries to operate:

  • and they are under 101Wh there are no restrictions on their carriage;
  • if they are between 101-160Wh they require a dangerous goods operator (airline) approval which can be obtained at check-in or send an email to
  • if using lithium batteries between 101-160Wh only two spares are permitted.

All Qantas accepted devices, with the exception of the InoGen One, uses lithium batteries under 101Wh, therefore do not require dangerous goods operator (airline) approval.

If your device requires aircraft power to operate you must advise Qantas Special Handling when submitting your completed Travel Clearance Form.

Not all aircraft have power outlets suitable for these devices, however every effort will be made to accommodate your needs.

International Flights (not including subsidiaries or alliance partners)

Should your day-to-day oxygen concentrator use exceed 80%, the device may not be sufficient for international travel and supplementary oxygen may be required.

Only 2 spare lithium batteries may be taken on board

Qantas can supply oxygen on international flights. See information below regarding Oxygen and International Flights.

Oxygen Cylinders

If you require oxygen, you may either supply your own cylinders (subject to strict criteria) or book a Qantas supplied cylinder/s (subject to a fee being charged).

Qantas recommends that passengers use Qantas supplied oxygen on international flights, as it is impractical for passengers to carry and stow the number of cylinders required for long sectors.

If travelling with your own oxygen cylinders, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • Portable oxygen cylinders must be obtained and regularly maintained by one of the following approved suppliers:
    - BOC: 1800 050 999
    - Air Liquide: 1300 360 202
    - Supagas: 13 77 22
  • Each cylinder must weigh no more than 5 kgs (typically up to size C);
  • oxygen cylinders may be carried in carry-on baggage only;
  • if more than 1 cylinder is required inflight, each cylinder must have its own regulator fitted;
  • the cylinder and regulator must be fully protected by a sturdy container;
  • liquid oxygen may not be carried.

Qantas supplied oxygen cylinders must be booked at least five days in advance of the flight (except for flights to or from the USA where oxygen can be requested up to 72 hours before the flight) by contacting Qantas Special Handling:

When requesting Qantas supplied oxygen, please provide us with the following information:

  • The flow rate of oxygen you require, and whether it must be continuous or intermittent;
  • whether you are travelling alone or with an assistant or carer.

While Qantas will make every effort to accommodate requests received less than five days prior to travel, we cannot guarantee you will be able to travel on your scheduled flight (except for flights to or from the USA).

Availability of Qantas supplied oxygen

Qantas supplied oxygen cylinders are not available on QantasLink flights (flight numbers QF1400 - 2899) or international flights operated by partner airlines.

Charges for oxygen cylinders

If an additional seat is required to accommodate your oxygen (whether your own or Qantas supplied), you will need to pay for that additional seat. Please note that on all flights operated by Boeing 737 aircraft, an additional seat will be required for Qantas supplied oxygen, even for a single cylinder.

If your oxygen cylinders can be accommodated without requiring an additional seat, there is no charge for bringing your own oxygen, but a fee applies for Qantas supplied oxygen. The fees for Qantas supplied oxygen are:

  • $110.00 (incl GST) per cylinder on domestic flights.
  • $100.00 per cylinder on international flights (and $110 (incl GST) per cylinder for passengers on domestic flights that connect to or from an international service).