Offsetting emissions together

Qantas Future Planet

Qantas offsets its corporate travel and ground fuel emissions to help counteract the unavoidable impact of air travel. We do this by supporting people and projects that make a real difference to the environment. From helping conserve rainforests from deforestation, to reducing emissions from uncontrolled wildfires, Qantas Future Planet supports real, long term solutions.

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Over recent years, you've made it clear that you're as passionate about sustainability as we are. As we all become more aware of the impact that air travel has on the environment, we're committed to finding ways that you can help make a difference.

That's where Qantas Future Planet comes in.

We're giving you a chance to get involved in building a sustainable future. Through the largest airline offset program in the world, you can offset the emissions from your flight when making your booking, or at our dedicated offsetting site.

100% of your contribution will support our carbon offset program. To find out more about how offsetting works, or to offset yourself, visit

Our Future Planet offset partners


To create a more sustainable travel sector, we realise we have to go far beyond our immediate sphere. Through Qantas Future Planet, we're working with other sustainably minded corporate partners to responsibly and actively boost our efforts together.

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